Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boring Blog Posts

So my wife thinks my posts are boring.
"I know," I say.  "They're just about me making this book and album."
"But they're boring," she says.
"Fuck," I say (or maybe I was just thinking it).  "I'm not PrivateSecret Diary - and that's not a fucking blog anyway - it's a collection of very short, very funny stories."
"Just write about something interesting," she says.
And I remember an actual breathing human being in 1998 who asked me to put the color red into his website, and when I asked what shade he was thinking of, he says, "You choose.  Just pick a good red."
To which I replied, "Fuck." Or maybe I was just thinking it.

mini-launch of

So I re-named my test file to index.php.  If you don't know what the heck that means (good for you, first of all...), "index" is the file a browser looks for first when going to a website.  So, while "testindex.php" was safe from anyone who didn't actually know the exact spelling, "index.php" is out in the open for the hoardes of people online constantly looking for new information on Rob Ashcom.  All you have to do is...

And thus it begins...