Friday, October 23, 2009

The Deadline Approaches

How many posts have started with "the deadline's looming...I should be doing my work..."?

Well actually, I AM working on the media release....  But of course not at the moment since I'm at work-work...

The novel appears to be typeset at last, though I may have lost some spots of italicized internal dialogue (or "muttering").  Meaning I lost the italics through the magic of Adobe Indesign may it rot in hell -- not that I lost the muttering bits.  My artistic skin has thickened to the degree that I don't give a rat's ass for the small details.  The cover's pretty; fuck the rest....  I wonder if I can say that on Blogger?  We'll find out soon enough when I stop blathering.

Mixes still going, though the last mile is once again threatening to break my mind/body/spirit. I will post a page for friends to vote on the order of the songs  appearing on the cd as well as their most/least favorites.  I need some objectivity, people!

Coding the website now.  Fuck off!!