Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twitter or Blogger?

Was thinking for a while that I'd use a Twitter feed on my website (currently under construction...go away...) for a "blog." Pretty much just because I found the code to do it. Now I'm looking at blogger, and since it is prettier, I think I'll go with it. Also, I re-read some pithy posts I made here :)

So update on Media Release 2009:
The novel was finished and typeset, but the font appeared too large, so I have to re-tweak (some manual page numbering crap is dependent on the number of pages which will decrease now with the smaller font). Still have 2/3 weeks before my second trial copy of Adobe Indesign expires. Woo-hoo!

Music is coming along as well. Phat mixes all around (thanks to Tchad Blake and Michael Brauer). Need to get them together and do the final mastering & sequencing. No sleep for a week or 2. Halloween is my soft deadline/wedding anniversary.

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